— Who runs Shades of Love LKN —

Everyone always asks… who is behind Shades of Love LKN? Well, here you go! Aside from the community volunteers that help by collecting items, donating items, or such.. these are the key people who make Shades of Love LKN what it is.



This is me- Heather Edmunds, Founder for Shades of Love LKN. I am typically the one running around like a crazy person trying to make sure all projects happen and that community goals are reached. My mission is to bring our community together, educate on diversity, empower others to trust in the human race, and most importantly to spread kindness in any way possible. We may not all have the most of everything, but we can each give a little of what we do have to help restore humanity and create {hopefully} a better future for our children and theirs.


This is my husband, Calvin Edmunds. He is the backbone to Shades of Love LKN and helps support me and all of the projects I try to accomplish. He is a full time professional firefighter for Mooresville and absolutely loves our community and being a leader and role model to our boys. He is my partner in life and my best friend.





These are our boys: Braeden and Bryson.  They both have the kindest hearts, the most determination, and absolutely LOVE helping with Shades of Love LKN. These are my late night workers, my package deliverers, my card makers, they love being a part of something that means so much. Braeden, is actually the creator for the project called Kindness cards which was started two years ago.




This is Kristin Hooven! Kristin is my VP for Shades of Love LKN. She is a wife to Dustin and mom to Sarkis and Avaleigh! Kristin is my right hand woman, my go-to for help and ideas, and one of the hardest working people I know. She helps take ideas and run with them and makes them come to life.



Meet Jayme Walker! Jayme is the Marketing Coordinator for Shades of Love LKN. In addition to helping with marketing, Jayme is also a key partner in helping with fundraising! She is a wife to Carrio, and together they are wonderful foster parents in hopes of adopting! Jayme is the General Manager for the Amstar Theater in Mooresville! She is amazing at making sure our social media accounts run efficiently as well as making sure our events and media are shared on all the appropriate channels! 




Meet Ashley Kight! Ashley is the Community Relations Coordinator for Shades of Love LKN. She works for the Mooresville Police Department and helps ensure that our events run smoothly as well as strives to help keep the goals of the organization and the events on target. Ashley has been a huge supporter and role model within the organization since it was founded in 2016.